SweetPea & Faye Cosmetics: Liquid Lipsticks Review

I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these bad boys! I specifically wanted to review them because of their huge colour range, fantastic reputation and generally because I am a lipstick fanatic and these seemed to be a bit different. I also have to apologise because I was supposed to get this up a week ago but I have had a terrible week (couple of weeks more like) concerning my skin. Its been a dry hot mess but its got a lot lot better so finally might be able to get some more looks up! 

Picture heavy post incoming, get the tea in!

First , I really liked the packaging. They came in purple paper bags - simple and classy. They also include an eyeshadow with every order and mine was a gorgeous pink that way exceeded my expectations. Also came with a glossy business card (I am building up quite the collection of these !) Everything came in tact and all of the liquid lipsticks came wrapped in a plastic film that you peel off. I particularly like that because if any leak, it doesn't go all over the other lipsticks and make a mess!

Free eyeshadow!

Lets get onto the swatches! - skip to end for review on wear and application

Yeti - Electric Blue!

This colour is crazy opaque and so unique. These lipsticks go on so creamy so there was no problems with dryness as you can see. It was opaque in one covering. 

Scuba Gear - Muted Green

Scuba Gear is a very different and unique seaweedy green. It is very different to Lime Crime's Mint to be, which is very pastel so it is no dupe. Again no problems with pigmentation or dryness, it applied smooth and moisturising. 

I found Crazy Cab a little bit difficult. It was quite oily which I think you can see in the pictures.  It was also a bit streaky and just didn't want to apply evenly. I was really excited for this shade because yellow lipstick is unique and hard to find. Perhaps I needed to apply more to get it to look a bit more like the pictures on the website as this was with one coat. 

The Gilded Lady - Plummy bronze

This shade is so unique I have nothing like it!. It applied so smoothly and opaquely. The pictures are with one coat but I think it would really benefit from two, to be really striking! The only strange thing is that when I used it for the first time some bubbly liquid came out as pictured above. I didn't mind too much, I just wiped it away but it was just a thing to note. It has a very metallic finish which I loved. 

Willa - Purple/pink

I loved Willa! Applied like a dream, moisturising and opaque, completely wearable (I wore to work) and just perfect! I couldn't decide whether this was a purple or a pink!

Nordic - Muted pastel grey

Nordic is such a beautifully unique colour and suprisingly wearable for a grey! Again was smooth and opaque. To get competely opaque coverage I would recommend 2 coats, as the above pictures are with one and I was very sparing believe me! It was hard to photograph though! 

Musidora - Plummy purple

This is such a beautiful fall/autumn colour. It applied opaque but was a tiny bit stiff to work with when it came out of the tube which led to the streakiness which is pictured above. 

Heavens to Betsy - Bright orange

Gorgeous orange shade which will be so pretty in the summer. It is a lot brighter in real life. Its very moisturising and pigmented and applied like a dream, with a really glossy finish. 

Mermaids Kiss - Bubblegum pink.

Mermaids Kiss is the cutest name ever, and the most gorgeous pink. Its definitely my spring/summer shade. So bright and girly and very similar to MAC Viva Glam Gaga or Lime Crimes Great Pink Planet. It is so smooth and moisturising as per normal :)

Heliotrope - Lavender grey

Another crazy unique shade that is once again very wearable. It think it would look great on darker skin tones but also did suit my pale tone too. Its incredibly creamy and opaque. 

Ranunculus - Nude Peach

Another beautiful shade. It is a lot more forgiving than some of the brighter shades as it is very nude and skin tone (although i did notice I made some mistakes at the corners ;)) Another creamy outstanding shade, that I am finding hard to fault. 

Jail Bird - Nude Coral

Another nude but this one is more towards the coral side rather than peach. I love how it looks completely different, while still being muted and wearable. It settled a little into lip lines, but again I could not find fault with the coverage or formula. 

Papercut - Raspberry Pink.

It looks a lot pinker in the tube but it is actually darker in real life. Its a deeper pink, very wearable for daytime. It did cling to any rough patches on my lips as you can see in the first picture but when applied over lipbalm it is flawless. 

Teacups - Barbie pink

This pink is so so gorgeous, really reminds me of MAC Pink Friday (from what I remember). However the application issues made this one tough, it was very stiff to apply, hard to get out of the tube (due to the stiffness) and showed many dry patches and applied unevenly. Warming up the tube a bit makes application a lot better, and turns it more creamy. I love this pink to death though, it is so girly and definitely an eye catcher. 

Nantes - Brick red.

eeep, some dodgy application on my part!

Another beautifully unique colour. It reminds me of red bricks in colour and has a very glossy finish although might have been my lipbalm. Again came out very stiff in the tube, which makes application difficult but when warmed up it gets a lot easier. It seems this liquid lipsticks do not like to get cold ;)

Beluga - Bright neon coral

Beluga was really hard to photograph for some reason! Just couldn't get a decent picture. It suffered some oily problems which may be due to the batch I got didn't get mixed properly or something. Even saying that it clung to my dry parts and applied unevenly which was disappointing but perhaps my lips had enough by this point. 

Ukulele - Nude

Very creamy and perfect to apply. I love this nude as it is wearable and in between the other nudes Sweetpea and Faye has to offer. There seems to be one for every skin tone. This one seems to be more pink. Very glossy and a dream to apply. 

Penelope - Bright Pink!

Penelope is a lot lot brighter in real life but the sun was going down and I had to be quick so in real life this pink is not so muted. I love the name! Creamy and again gorgeous to apply. Doesn't settle into lip lines or cling to dryness. Its smooth and came out of the tube perfectly.

Apocalypse - Blood red

For some reason in the tube this looks like a really blood red to me, but on the lips has a pinky sheen to it. Regardless it is pretty, creamy and applied wonderfully. 

Overall: I really like these, at first I was skeptical because I didn't quite like the tube. I thought it would be a pain to apply with but actually upon using it, it is a lot easier to apply with that than any lip brush or lipstick tube in fact. I have come to love the tubes. I do have some issues, in particular with the fact that the outer sticker that has the ingredients on and name of the product has a tendency to peel off. I can actually see some peeling off entirely which means I would loose the name and the ingredients and they would look very scruffy. The ingredients are also very very hard to make out, the print is too small and often it is blurred which can be a pain. All easily rectified though. I did like the fact the tubes came sealed with a bit of plastic around, as it makes me confident they have not been used, tampered with or leaked!

The smell is to die for, reminds me of Vanilla Cupcakes which I think is a very neutral and often pleasing smell. The smell is barely noticeable on the lips and does not have any taste in my opinion.

Wear is average. They last about 2 hours if I eat/drink and 3-4 hours if I do not. One thing I do like is they do not stain which Lime Crime shades do! If you do not like Lime Crime for that reason, I think you would get on with these, since they seem to address all the things people do not like about Lime Crime such as the staining problem and also the dryness of Lime Crime lipsticks. These are incredibly moisturising and do not dry at all. I guess this is where the "liquid" part of the name comes from because it is very reminiscent to wearing lipbalm on the lips in terms of texture. Only a couple show dry patches if lips are chapped, which can be rectified with lip balm underneath. 

The range of colours is incredible, with shades to match any skintone and some very unique shades such as yellow and blue, which will please those who do not want to shop with Lime Crime for whatever reason or because of Lime Crimes dryness. There are some definite dupes for MAC shades and LC shades (which I can make a post on if people are interested). There are many many shades to fit the everyday look and for a neutral lip also. 

One concerning thing I found was the stiffness. It seemed I would sometimes have to press the tube really hard to get the product to come out and would remain very stiff and hard to apply on the lips. This could also be rectified if I warmed up the tube in my hands prior to application.  I liked the fact they could be applied to look like a typical lipstick, or if you apply more, can look glossier (almost liquefied like on the website). 

Overall I would definitely purchase again, they are very good value for money at $7.99 each and are not tested on animals (a massive massive huge plus in my book). The company is so cute with a lovely website to navigate which I could hardly believe. I know when a lot of companies come off Etsy, the websites can be very minimal and take some time to tweak. Sweetpea and Faye have a very professional looking website that is classy and clean. The ladies behind the company are very helpful and efficient and always help with any queries you may have. You can buy here if interested in any of the above shades or to look at some more swatches as my lighting just cannot do justice to these beautiful shades! 

Thanks for reading

All products were bought with my own money. I received no compensation for this review and I have been honest with all of my opinions and pictures. My loyalty is to providing good, honest and true reviews :)

If anyone would like to see dupes I am more than willing to make a post showcasing these shades next to dupes that I have/know of. 


  1. beautiful!! xo http://bruana-thisisme.blogspot.com/

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, I have been looking for swatches of these for the longest!


  3. The swatches look great but that's kind of a bummer you had such a hard time squeezing the product out... either way- I love all the pinks and the fact you can build them up to a glossy effect. LIKE! =-)

  4. Penelope is my fave!:)


  5. great post!!! love the pinks, "penelope" is my fav

  6. Yay! I'm the 100th subscriber!! Hehe.

    These glosses are so unique and colorful. I really like Nordic in particular!

  7. hehe yaaaay! thank you so much :D

  8. I love these hun! Love all the pinks and if i was brave enough the blue & grey! Would love to try these..is there a uk shop? xx

  9. They don't :( I think it is free delivery over a certain amount though :)

  10. Is Yeti a dupe for LC No she Didn't? Lovely swatches, I haven't been able to find any sweet pea & fay reviews. I'd be totally interested to see a dupe post

  11. Hey Paws Puparazzi. They are definitely very very similar! I would say Yeti is a more pigmented blue, while No She Didn't is more of a sky blue. I think Yeti is the colour you would get if you layered No She Didn't several times, so yes it is a dupe :) I will deffo do a dupe post :)

  12. I've never heard of this brand before, they look fab! I'm deffo considering making a purchase. Have you mixed any of the shades together? x

  13. i have to say your makeup and beauty blog is very inspiring. i love the multiple colors you apply on your eyes... i usually do just one because i don't know how.... :) you have beautiful eyes, and i enjoyed browsing your blog. you have a new follower on google. :) i'd be honored to stay connected with your blog, and i wish you all the best. :) hope you have a great day!

  14. Hello Emma! Yes I have, I sometimes mix the nudes, or nudes + pinks to create different shades :D Its really easy :) Thank you very much adamalexmommy :)

  15. Awesome review! I just got some liquid lipsticks from them myself :D


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