Rainbow Eyeliner - Lime Crime Make Up Mission Monday

Hello everyone, so sorry for the lack of posts... This week I was taken ill with a chest infection which has made my life utterly miserable and the week before that was having a bit of a skin nightmare. I'm still feeling blaaah but decided I could manage a bit of eyeliner ;) Hopefully next week I can continue with my Disney Series, I have plans for a Peter Pan look! :)

The Lime Crime facebook page has recently started posting weekly challenges. Last week was ombre lips and this week was rainbow eyeliner made famous by Ronnies blog - bows&curtseys.  It was really fun and surprisingly easy and it made me feel tonnes better just by playing with make up again! 

Here's what I came up with, its nothing compared to some of the girls looks on the facebook page, the creativity on there is crazaaaay! 

Upon reflection I probably shouldn't have used false lashes because they sorta get in the way. But I'm sure you get the idea!  This was also the only decent picture I got! My boyfriend was rushing about as I was taking pictures and they all ended up blurry because of him. Gah!

I would love to see your take on Rainbow eyeliner. Its super easy and is actually pretty darn wearable. If you feel upto it, please leave links below so I can see :D 


  1. This looks AMAZING! Emily xxx

  2. wow :) love it.


  3. This look brill! Could easily wear this out i think it looks fab! xxx

  4. Very nice contest! The palette is really pretty but I did not finally GFC I'm French!
    And if you want you can read my blog there are flags on the side!

  5. Wow this is so pretty! :)



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