Lush Review: Fluffy Egg Easter Special!

I just realised I haven't done my lush review of the week! Shame on me! This week I actually went to London for an exam and while there I couldn't resist popping into the Lush at London Victoria Station! It was such a treat seeing it there especially since my nearest store is 45 mins away :( I treated myself to some lovely easter goodies!! My favourite product has to be the Fluffy Egg! 

The reason Fluffy Egg is so so special is because it has the same fragrance as the limited edition Snow Fairy, one of Lush's x-mas best sellers. For those unfamiliar with snow fairy, it smells like cotton candy!  Fluffy Egg is a medium sized pink bath bomb with an Easter Egg design and is limited edition for Easter only so if you like it, stock up! 

Upon impact with water the egg fizzes quite quickly, creating a pink foam (which I suppose is where the "fluffy" comes from. The smell is to DIE for, it lingers on your skin for about 12-24 hours and in the bathroom for ages! They leave cute pink bathwater but it is not entirely opaque and can be a bit boring on its own so I like to team it up with a wave of my snow fairy bubble wand for a truly girly bath! 


Finished bath

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Ohhh I wanna be thereeeee. your bathtub looks like heaven <3

  2. I LOVE the smell of the fluffy egg :)

  3. your bathtub DOES look super cozy!! this sounds like it probably does smell deliciousness!


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