Lush Review: Avobath Bath Bomb

Don't ask me why... but I put off getting Avobath for the longest time. I guess because its just a plain green bomb with little white flecks I never thought much of it but this has quickly turned into one of my favs! 

Despite its modest appearance this bomb has ended up being my lifesaver. Whether I am ill, blocked up, stressed, hungover or just tired, I pop this little baby into my tub and the smell is just amazing. It turns the bath a grassy deep green but it is the smell that really makes up for it! It has this wide awake fruity smell, its like a punch in the face! OK maybe not that extreme... I don't know how it does it, but even if I have this in my bath at 10pm at night, its wakes me up. It cures most wrongs and despite packing a little zesty punch... I can still relax and chill out and feel totally destressed. I have so much love for this bomb and can safely say on my next trip to lush (or any trip for that matter) this is always going to appear in my hauls. The colour is nice and what I love about it is even though there is a lack of bubbles in my tub, the colour is almost completely opaque. 
Also used with Happy Blooming Bath Melt so that explains the pink tinge to the water. 


  • Sodium Bicarbonate and citric acid - makes the bomb go fizz fizz!
  • Fresh avocado - Fresh.. yes fresh avocado is used in this bath bomb for moisturising properties. It also is responsible for that uplifting beautiful fragrance. Who would have thunk it?
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil - Again used for skin softening.
  • Rosewood oil, bergamot oil and lemongrass oil - All used for that beautiful uplifting fragrance. Lemongrass is supposed to lift your mood, rosewood is supposed to relax and Bergamot is used to wake you up! What a combo!
  • Citral - Is a naturally occurring ingredient from the oils. If used artificially it us used for a lemony type odour. Lemon notes can definitely be smelt.
  • Geraniol -  Sweet smelling naturally occuring ingredient. 
  • Green edible lustre - Used in avobath for a little bit of sparkle and shimmer. However in my bath I detected not even the slightest bit of lustre.
  • Linalool and Limonene - These two have to be shown on ingredients list by EU legislation. They are mainly used for their fragrances. 


  1. The colour of the water is amazing!
    Im working may way through my hat box of Lush goodies I got for Christmas and totally regret not reviweing them XD

  2. Ahh you should have Sami! I LOVE reading lush reviews :) Always another excuse to go to lush though ;)

  3. Ooh this sounds amazing! Must head to lush soon ;)xx

  4. I just moved so I dont have a bathtub. How sad. I love Lush though, im a recent fan. Love the bubblegum lip exfoliant.


  5. My heart falls in that color<3 So pretty!<3

    Following you:)
    It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

  6. It's crazy how that happens- I've put off stuff before too and they end up being awesome. great review as usual! =-)

  7. I need a good long bubble bath, I miss just taking my time in water.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

  8. Lovely post darling, so helpful ! Check my blog and follow me if you want! I`ll follow back :X

  9. Wow, I have this one but have also been putting off trying it for some reason! Definitely going to use it soon after reading this, it sounds divine!:)

  10. I love all the bath bombs from Lush, but then again I am really lushified! You can get Wet n' Wild in the UK from this website at really affordable prices
    and if you're by any chance in London and having nothing to do... pop by this store! Hope this was helpful.
    // Azure

  11. I swear iv'e came across 3 new blogs that are posting about Lush! Ha!

    I am on a Lush kick right now! I wish I had a store near me though!

    Thanks for the post

    Now following you
    xoxo Janelle

  12. Thank you so much Azure for getting back to me! Deffo need to check it out :)

    Glamorous Mama - You can always order online :) but its not the same as going in a shop and smelling for yourself :) I know what you mean too! Lush posts are popping up everywhere at the moment I love it! :D

    Beauty Mish Mash - You deffo need to try it. One of my firm favs now :)

  13. I LOVE this bath bomb it smells incredible so fresh and invigorating :)

  14. I got this yesterday, same story avoided it for ages but now only using the moisturising ones x


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