Lush Retro Review: February 2012

This review is long long long overdue but I decided I would put it up since this stuff is still all available online on the UK lush site (that ships worldwide btw!) 
So every month (or two) Lush releases 4-5 products that are making a comeback. For whatever reason Lush discontinued them or they were only available for a limited time and for this month only they make a comeback. Its pretty exciting since it means people can get their hands on products that haven't been available in years. I have the February Retro products that are STILL available if anyone likes the sound of them.

Hot Milk Bubble Bar - £3.50

A larger than normal bubble bar that you can get about two uses out of, maybe even more and for £3.50 I don't think that's bad. I used half and got a good amount of bubbles. The smell I think is really lovely, to me it smelt fresh, kinda like fresh linen with notes of citrus and perhaps a tiny bit of coconut. It contains Coconut Milk Powder and Sweet Wild Orange Oil so that probably explains it, but to me it smelt more like fresh laundry than anything. The water does not change colour despite Hot Milk being orange. The water becomes very "soft" and intensely moisturising and the smell is detectable on the skin afterwards very slightly.

I would use with: Honey Bee Bath Bomb or Leap Frog Bath Bomb (Limited Edition). Honey I washed the kids Soap. 
Ideal for: Relaxing baths before bed, stressful days.
Would I buy again?: Probably not. To me there are bubble bars in the permanent line that do the exact same thing but better. While it is a nice product, the smell is very subtle and I like a product that changes the bathwater colour. 
Last seen in: I think 2009 but that might need correcting.

Canadian Maple Soap - £4.15 for 100g

I am really enjoying this. Despite people saying it smelt like plastic, the only smell I could detect was syrup! It smells just like something you would put on pancakes and I love it! The smell is obviously very sweet and when on the hands dulls down to more of a honey - nutty aroma that is not very strong. It did leave my hands quite dry afterwards so eczema sufferers beware! Upon touching it, it was very milky, almost melting which I thought would mean it would be moisturising but sadly no. It lathered well. 

I would use with: Either on its own or in the bath perhaps with the Immaculate Eggception or Creamy Candy.
Ideal for: Quick handwashes or girly sweet baths!
Would I buy again?:Nope. This was too drying for me and that really let it down. Also in my opinion £4.15 for this 100g chunk is quite expensive for a product that isn't exactly in my books, earthshattering. 
Last seen in:2000

Party On Shower Jelly -£6.85 for 250g

 Party on is a luminous yellow shower jelly with a very invigorating scent of mint, lemon and lime. Its definitely one of those shower jellies that punch you in the face telling you to wake up but also somehow this shower jelly really gets you hyped. I can definitely see this as being the shower jelly to use before a big night out. How does it do that?! Some people have said this smells a lot like Vicks Vapour Rub, which personally I would love (sometimes I just grab mine and sniff it!) but I couldn't detect that at all! It lathers well but the smell doesn't seem to stay on the body for long. 
I would use this with: Avobath Bath Bomb, You've been mangoed bath melt, Sexy Peel soap.
Ideal for: Getting you in the party spirit, hangovers, early mornings, colds..
Would I buy again: I actually prefer Whoosh to this for waking me up and scent-wise. For me this is pretty average but it was nice to try.
Last seen in: 2006

Nutts Massage Bar - £5.95

Nutts is a very creamy, quick to melt massage bar that smells gorgeous. The smell is very nutty (which I worried about a little bit since I'm allergic to nuts) but nutty in a good way. I wanna eat it! Its very moisturising, I mean VERY! I use it as a lotion after the bath and it melts within seconds so I have to be quick and sparing otherwise I can see this not lasting a long time. I can detect a very coconutty smell as well as cocoa butter so its really pleasing if you like those sort of notes but not too overpowering. It is almost chocolatey! My only problem is because it is SO quick to melt, its gonna be quick to run out and at almost £6 I think that's quite expensive. 
I would use with: After a magic mushroom, Yuzu & Cocoa bath. Would go really well with vanilla scents. 
Ideal for: Moisturising and smelling fine! Or using with that special person in your life :)
Would I buy again: Yes, my skin loved this because it was just such a moisturising product and it smells great! 
Last seen:2009 (but would need checking). 

Uluru Bath Bomb- £3.50

This is the product I was most excited for as it was highly raved about. I just HATED it. It was so sandlewoody I couldn't smell anything else. I really don't know what I could compare it too. However I do think its a smell that most people will like.. just not me. It is quite woody, exotic and uplifting. It turned the bathwater an amazing shade of orange though, I certainly did feel like I was somewhere else! The little red pieces pictured did not float around in the bath, they did fizzle out.  One other thing is that it leaves a yellow ring around your bath, be sure to clean it asap because I have heard these rings some bath bombs leave can stain. 
I would use with: You've been mangoed bath melt, green bubbleroom or Amandopondo I can see going well with this. And Hot Milk. 
Ideal for: If you want an "exotic" bath, something to make you feel like you are relaxing on holiday. 
Would I buy again?: No no no, just not the scent for me. There is nothing wrong with it other than that. The scent stays for quite a while on the skin (however I covered it up with a strong smelling moisturiser! Urgh!). 
Last seen in: 2000

Overall I was a little disappointed with February's retro (especially as its my first retro too and I really wanted to see some more exciting products). 
Hit - Nutts Massage Bar. The most moisturising bar I have yet to try. Will be repurchasing.
Miss - Uluru but as I can see people liking the scent of that, probably Canadian Maple Soap simply because of the price. 


  1. Awesome review! Thank you so much! Are you going to purchase any of the current new retro items?

  2. I thought the soap bar would be moisturizing since most hand made soaps have so many natural ingredients- love the review gal. Very helpful and informative!

  3. Thanks girls :) Canadian Beauty - I have also got the new retro stuff. Working my way through it to review hopefully Monday :D

  4. amazing post :)
    I really love it!


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