Lush Review: Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt

I really wanted to review this product for one simple reason (well there are many reasons but the important reason). I have really bad dry skin, sometimes my skin cracks because it is so dry especially in the winter when we have to have the heating on. I have found I can't use many bath products because it will irritate my allergies or do no good to my dry skin. Being a recent converter to Lush, I have found I can FINALLY indulge in some products that smell nice, feel luxurious and DO NOT irritate my fickle skin! Hallelujah! 

On a more serious note, I found this product just had to be shared to anyone who shares the same struggle as me with their skin! The product I am talking about is Ceridwen's Cauldron. 

This is a bath melt, meaning you run the bath, pop it in and it melts away slowly. No bubbles or fizz or anything super exciting like that. Its very luxurious and made me feel like I was in a spa. 
First of all, the smell. It was lovely, just up my alley. A mix of vanilla, cocoa butter, oatmeal and a hint of floral. It reminded me of a spa. Very pleasant. It took about 20-30 mins to melt away in its little baggie. I loved the idea of this. The bath melt is mixed with oatmeal and wild flowers in this little bag, when the bath melt melts away you are left with a bag full of lovely things to wash with. To my surprise it was very gentle to wash with, I was expecting some sort of exfoliation. It left my skin smelling divine and was a cool little extra that I loved! 

Secondly, on the morning I used this, my skin was irritated as hell. I was itchy, my arms were incredibly red and I was in need of some good TLC. After using this, its like magic! My arms are unitchy, unirriated, slightly less red, soft and smelling divine! I was so incredibly happy, I was left feeling completely nourished, my skin didn't experience any dryness and to the touch felt like it was moisturised. My boyfriend even commented my arms looked a lot better post-bath and for him to notice anything is saying something!
The bathwater doesn't do anything fancy like with some Lush products. The Bath Melt leaves bathwater sort of white, and you can see as it is melting away a small white trail. I have heard of some people opening the bag and letting their bath swim with wild flowers and oats, that sounds kinda cool! But I just love the bag to wash with, I think that's an amazing idea. 


A lil peek into what is inside. 

I would highly recommend to people with dry skin, or those who have never tried Lush before, I think this is a great first product to try and even if you do not have dry skin, it will leave you feeling silky smooth, relaxed and is a great lil treat for your skin on a spa night! It costs £3.99 so probably not realistic to use it in every bath... but pick up a couple for those days/nights your skin is in need of a boost and you won't regret it!  

A lil peek into the ingredients for those who are ingredient concious! 
  • Cocoa Butter - Natural emulsifer and skin softener. Largely effective in relieving dry, itchy skin!
  • Oats - Doctors actually recommend oatmeal baths for the treatment of sore/itchy skin. Has soothing properties.
  • Walnut Oil - Vitamin rich and moisturising, said to help with dry skin conditions. I actually have a nut allergy, so am always a bit iffy using skin products that contain any variation of nut. Pleased to say I experienced no adverse reactions!
  • Tangerine Oil and Lavender Oil - Used mainly for its fragrance but is used by aromatherapists for its stress relieving smell, skin aiding properties and to help those with insomnia!
  • Sandlewood Oil - Has skin smoothing properties and is used mainly for cooling, soothing and moisturising dry skin conditions and dry skin that has a lack of moisture. It is said to reduce inflammation (I can vouch that it does!) 
  • Frankenscence - Rehydrates skin and especially good on skin that suffers from eczema, like me! 
  • Rose, Elderflowers, Cowslips and Daisys - Inside the bath melt for added fun and a nice fragrance 

What do you think of these Lush reviews? Yay or Nay? I was thinking of perhaps doing one once a week on a perminant line product? I would love to know :)


  1. I love this post so it's a yay from me
    I never even thought about using the bag
    I'm gonna have to try this product out when I pop into a lush store
    And thanks for following my blog x

  2. I really like these posts. I think they are helpful and informative for sure! You even listed what it contains and that's a big plus!

  3. one of my fave Lush products in winter :)

  4. a definite yay review, but so sad to hear about your dry skin. i love lush, and if you're on the way for some more bath melt, look at a body butter called buffy. it body butter and scrub in one chunk, and i got so super smooth after using it. check it out online, and they also have another one in a different scent! hope you'll like it!/Azure

  5. Ooh that's cool that you can use the bag - with the bits still in it - as a way to wash yourself after the melt has -melted. I like that idea it's pretty cool.

    I have eczema and that gets bad on my arms and sometimes lower back when it's colder so I shall have to see if Lush still has this and get one myself. Typical I visited TWO lush stores on Saturday, should have read this first haha.

    Juyey xx


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