Disney Series - Pocahontas

Does anyone else get tingles when they hear the song " CAN YOU SING WITH ALL THE VOICES OF THE MOUNTAIN... CAN YOU PAINT WITH ALL THE COLOURS OF THE WIND" *belting it out right now*. Argh Pocahontas is such a good film! I love her character, she's strong and beautiful!

Just to set the record... this look is not original. I was browsing Beautylish and found it a while back. The when it came to trying to find it again I couldn't find it! So if you happen to come across a look similar then that is why :) I have put my own twist on things, so it isn't a complete recreate, but I was so in love with the original look I had to do it! I just wish I could find the original to link :( Its really simple with a pop of blue similar to that of Pocahontas' necklace that she wears. The main focus is on the bottom lash line with a very neutral lid. 

Anyways onto the look!

Products Used:
  • Garnier Miracle BB Cream
  • MAC Goldstone Mineralize Skinfinish
  • MAC Oh Oh Oh Lipstick 
  • Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion
  • Urban Decay Mariposa Palette in Colours: Skimp all over lid, and a mixture of Wreckage and Limelight in the crease. 
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Zephyr to highlight.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Eyeliner in Flipside under lash line.

Hope you like :)


  1. i liked it a lot! :) pocahontas is one of my favourite films. i love the blue colour you used :)

  2. Wow, very striking.
    The version of Colours of the Wind by Vanessa Williams always gives me goosebumps. I LOVE Disney!

    Holli x

  3. I love it! The blue liner looks gorgeous on your eyes!! and the blush/bronzer gave it the perfect Pocahontas look!

  4. thats so pretty the blue liner looks stunning on you

  5. Ahh I love it! :)


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  7. this was so good! and super pocahontas vibed!
    love the sharp eyeliner you've created, but also this lovely blue! and i'm so happy, because i recently bought this 24/7 pencil from UD and this colour is so beautiful!//Azure

  8. I really love this! I am obsessed with colored liner! Great job!
    Pocahontas was my favorite when I was a kid!

  9. Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments! <3


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