Disney Series: Mulan (Version 1.0?)

I was very unsure of whether I was going to put this look up, I usually don't like to post looks if I am not sure about them. A lot of thought goes into every single post and I don't like to make any half assed efforts but some days I liked this look... others I wasn't so sure! I feel like perhaps the pinks didn't photograph properly or something but since my face has still not recovered (damn you skin) I thought I would post it and make another version if I hated it that much :)

I took inspiration from this look from the beautiful cherry blossom scene in Mulan (and one of my favourites. 

 It is a really beautiful scene that I feel a lot of people can relate to. I chose to try and represent the scene with different shades of pink and then doing a fairly different eyeliner style to represent how unusual Mulan is. I mean come on... she broke the mould and saved China! Mulan is definitely my favourite princess (although she was never a princess in the film and that always confused me!)

I hope you enjoy the look 
Products Used:
  • Garnier Miracle BB Cream
  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  • Viva La Diva Lipstick in Cherry Red
  • MAC Blush in Dainty
  • Victorian Disco Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow in Rini all over inner part of lid.
  • VDC in Diana all over outer part of lid, with Sugarpill's Magentric to add sheen. 
  • Little Mouse Ears Loose eyeshadow in Black Sabbath for cut crease and under lash line. 
  • MAC Black Pencil Eyeliner. 
  • Random false lashes from a magazine - sorry. 

Btw.. my fringe is not that wonky in real life honest! I just got out the shower and it was all over the place! haha. 

I hope you enjoyed! 

Got some very exciting posts coming up tomorrow! I will have up a super special review on a super special company that does dupes for Lime Crime Lipstick shades. And I have a lot of em! Also have another VDC haul, I just can't help myself! I hope next week my skin will be better and I can get back to posting looks for this series :)I am currently trying to figure out Repunzel! 


  1. Wow thats beautiful!

    Holli x

  2. oh my gosh, this is impressive! I love how dramatic it looks!

  3. Love this look!!! It's so pretty and unusual!

  4. Lovely :) I love Mulan too! Crickee is so bloody cute xx

  5. I loved it! Love the bottom liner big time! And the color combo looks great =-)

  6. Ooooh Lime Crime dupes! Can't wait. They have some amazing colours but I can't get on with the formula

    And the look is gorgeous- specially the graphic liner.

  7. Cute look! I love the eyeliner!

  8. Wow! Great look :)

    New follower



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