Belated Lush Haul: Xmas goodies & Valentines Day

I am really behind on the times... I have only really just discovered LUSH! I mean...I have always bought the odd thing, but my Nan actually got me a huge lush gift set for x-mas and now i've just gone mad over it!! see ya later project 10 pan... Unfortunately my nearest Lush is 45 minutes away and dammit they need to make one in my hometown because they would have enough business from me alone! 

So for X-mas I got a little x-mas present set. I don't know the actual name of it because I stupidly threw away the tag that said the products and name of the gift set. Here's what I got inside!

Cute Box! I will be keeping

Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Lip Tint
Smells amazing, just like candyfloss or something like that!
I am going to be so sad when I run out of this, I am desperately going through ebay trying to find it since it was Limited Edition

So White Bath Bomb
I was a little disappointed with this. It has a slight apple smell, but not very strong. It doesn't do anything fun to the water like normal bath bombs do. But it was still nice. 

Candy Cane Soap
Smells very similar to the snow fairy range. I have never washed my hands so much because it smells divine! Its a very sweet smell and funnily enough, I can't usually use soaps because they are too drying. I am pleased to report even with my sensitive dry skin, there was no adverse reactions and it kept them moisturised so I didn't even have to use handcream afterwards like I normally do. 

Rock Star Soap
I think this is part of the Lush normal line which I am very happy about. It smells soooo good so I am very pleased with the fact I can purchase again if I want to. Apparently Rock Star is one of Lush's best sellers

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
This thing smells soooo good. I actually broke it off into 3 pieces to use. You just pop them under a running bath and it fills your bath with wonderful smelling bubbles. I think I'll get 3 uses out of this.

If you are still looking for Lush X-mas goodies, my Lush still has them so check out your local one and they may have too! I would deffo pick up Snow Fairy, it smells like candy, girly goodness and sugary sweetness... mmmmmmmm.

Now onto the more relevant stuff I guess! I also got some picks from the Valentines Day Collections. My My... how have I not discovered Lush before?

Beautiful box it came in. The box can be used as a keepsake afterwards and I also kept the ribbon because you never know!

Name of Box and Price. 
Opening the lid! A wonderful smell fills my room that lasted for days. Its sort of a Lush-y sort of smell. Its beautiful. The peanut things are also really fun and smell amazing! I have chucked them in all sorts of places, drawers and bags, to keep them smelling gorgeous.

Inside contents.

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub - I have always been a fan of the Lush Lip scrubs, they always sort my dry lips right out! This one tasted like chocolate and vanilla, tasted amazing and smelt divine. You just apply it straight to your lips like you would a lipbalm and then lick of the excess. Its definitely helpful if you wear lipsticks, as it gets rid of any loose skin that lipsticks show up. 

I am yet to use this little guy, but he smells fantastic and looks so cute. I think that's why I am finding it hard to use him up! I will probably get a couple more if I like him, before he goes forever! I have heard a rumour when he runs out you are left with a cute lil message from inside!

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar - This one also smells really good but is awful crumbly. I am also yet to use it, damn it being so cute! I cannot find how it is related to valentines day though...

This stuff is really good! Its like a conditioner for your body, use it like you would a hair conditioner. I put some on my legs and arms in the shower and rinsed off and it left me super soft and had a wonderful smell. The smell was actually very nostalgic for me, I used to go to Cornwall every year with my family, in particular a place called Mullion. They used to have a little chocolate factory and spa place, that I used to buy a moisturiser from which I loved. I stopped going to Cornwall years ago and haven't been able to get the moisturiser since. This stuff smells exactly like it!!

How freaking cute is this soap? I haven't used it yet, since I'm trying to get through another soap. Its so cute though, I adore all these Valentines Day designs. 

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb - This is a Lush cult favourite, I've had many of these. They are so luxurious and have a very girly floral scent. They leave little rose petals in the bath if I remember rightly. These aren't limited edition.

Not part of the Valentines Collection but a special for Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon Karma Soap! Oh my this stuff smells so gooooooood! I kinda don't get the dragon design but its a nice attempt and I can't imagine a dragon shape soap is easy to make. Karma is a perminant soap from Lush, its literally just the shape thats special. The scent is kinda spicy and stays on my hands for maybe 4-8 hours! Its just amazing! The glitter disappears on impact with water. 

I also purchased this little guy. Its goodies are wrapped up in this cute lil scarf!


I am awfully confused and a bit reluctant to try these. They are supposed to be an alternative to toothpaste but somehow inside I can't help but think if these have the same tooth repairing/protecting properties as regular toothpaste.

Lush Soap - I don't think I'll be running out of soap anytime soon! This soap has a "sexy" if that's possible??

Another sex bomb! :) 
Soft Coeur Massage Bar - Smells amazing, like Vanilla, Cocoa Butter, Chocolatey sort of smell. It melts in the hand and i've heard to be very moisturising and good even for using on yourself if you are without a massage buddy, for just moisturising!
Super Cute box and the last of my Valentines Day goodies. 


This box is adorable! I cannot throw this away!!

Contents Include another Sweetheart soap and massage bar. It also came with Its Raining Men Shower Gel which has the famous scent of Honey I washed the Kids, which is supposedly a Lush bestseller. The Silky Underwear Dusting Powder is really handy. Use it to freshen up your underwear drawers to keep everything smelling divine, in your shoes, in your hair , as talc powder, its very multi purpose. It smells wonderful and floral!

So thats all my goodies, I am very happy and think I won't need to take a trip to Lush anytime soon luckily! Will you be purchasing anything from the Valentines Collection or have you got anything already? I'd love to know your thoughts! 


  1. All the Lush stuff always looks great. I've heard nothing but great things about them. The Valentine's stuff look neat as hell!

  2. you got a lot of stuff all of it looks amazing i want to try the body conditioner does it make your skin feel greasy afterwards though? xo

  3. oh my god these look amazing!!! i need a LUSH store!!! and a bathtub :'(

  4. The conditioner isn't greasy at all Beauty Fiend :) Its so amazing how it works!

  5. omg.! You bought some AMAZING stuff! :D

  6. Really wish I'd gotten a hold of the Snow Fairy!!

    The chocolate and vanilla lip scrub looks delicious, I just got the Bubblegum one and I love that.

  7. Great Haul! I have yet to try any products from Lush!

    I also wanted to let you know that I have given you an award! :) Check out my blog for the details.

  8. OOH loadsa lush stuff, i love it, that soap does look soo cute, i really want to try some of the valentines bits from there im just trying to use up all the christmas stuff i have left :)

    thanks for my lovely comment aswell appreciate it, im now a follower also

  9. AWHHH I so want that box....I am addicted to lush... the bath bombs.... soaps... body butter.... I cant get enough!
    so jelous!


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