Review: Z Palette & La Femme Blush

When I bought my Sugarpill products from  I was also sent some products to review from the owner of the website! I was so pleased with what I got!

First of all I got sent the small Z Palette with 4 blushers in.
 The Z Palette is a brand that sells customizeable empty palettes in a variety of sizes to fit your depotted eyeshadows and blushes. And yes MAC does fit :)


 The designs are pretty cool, I just got plain and simple pink but they do also do Zebra print, leopard print and plain colours in a variety of sizes from small to extra large. One interesting thing to note, is the Z Palette uses eco friendly materials which is always a plus in my book. The Palette is made out of what appears to be cardboard, but it is quite strong and sturdy. The magnet that keeps the palette closed is incredibly strong, I sometimes have difficulties opening it!  Times that by 10x and that is the strength of the magnet keeping your pans in. I feel very reassured that the palette isn't going to flop open and all my products fall out, it is a strong lil magnet! 

The only issues I have is that (and this is a purely personal OCD issue I have) but I never use palettes like this. All my eyeshadows and blushers are in pot form. If I ever see anything in the pan form like these blushers here, I just normally wouldn't buy them simply because I am completely OCD and stuck in my ways! Also unlike the empty MAC palettes you can buy, this one has no dividers. A MAC palette has "slots" that you put your pots in, but the Z Palettes are completely undivided. Whether or not you like this is all down to personal preference. I quite like the fact you can put a combination of eyeshadows and blushers in the Z palettes, without being restricted. 
 If you love your palettes, I would give the Z palette a shot, its cheaper than a MAC empty palette, can hold more and you can customize it and give it a completely personal feel. Click here if you are a UK lady interested in looking at the Z palettes and here for US.  

*The Z palette is £8.99 for a small (fills 4x blushers or 9x eyeshadows... or a mix!) Large is £15.99 (filling 28 eyeshadows or 8 blushers) or extra large is £19.99 *

So now for the FUN stuff. I am a blusher type of girl, I always seem to end up buying them and just can't say no. When I saw the blushers I was very excited especially since the colours were very unique.

Colours in: Mulberry, Mauve, Mandarin Red and Pink Velvet

 They are from a brand called La Femme which over here in the UK, I have not seen or heard of until now. From what I've gathered from researching them, they was a Make Up Artist only brand, made and designed to withstand the conditions on catwalks and studios. This would explain a lot, since I was so suprised. The first thing I did when I was recieved them was research the brand and price of them. At £2.99 I didn't think they was going to be great (I am so terrible, but I'm being honest!) I then applied them and WOW.

 I couldn't believe how utterly beautiful the texture is and pigmentation is WAY above anything else I own. They feel like silk and are so buttery. No grittiness or chalkiness. I really couldn't believe it. The pigmentation was insane. It blew all my MAC blushers out of the water. I had to double check that they actually cost £2.99 ($2.50 for our USA friends) and they do! They cost I think a tiny bit more to get it in pot form, as mine came in the palette, they are only in pan form. A MAC blusher costs £17 so I could get 5/6 for that price.  The colours I was sent are really unique, I adore all of them and from what I gather there are 47 colours to choose from, fitting every skin tone and pretty much all dupes for MAC colours. They come in a variety of finishes, I got two matte finishes which I love! Next payday I'm going purchase some more! I am officially an addict and think this brand deserves way more recognition than it has. I couldn't find an official website. 

Genie Cosmetics sells them here.
I also found this website for the US. 


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