12 Days of Christmas - Day 10 - Baby Its Cold Outside... using In Your Dreams Palette.

This look I created using the second tutorial that came with my Too Faced "In Your Dreams" Palette. Its a really girly romantic look, using pinks and light greys. It kinda reminded me of that look that some girls get when they come in from the freezing cold, and they have all pink flushed cheeks and pretty pastel-ish eyeshadow. I think even though this series is unfinished from Christmas, it is still winter! And therefore wearable! :) It still incorporates a teeny weeny bit of Christmassy glitter and shimmer, with a cute pastel lid.

Please excuse pics... Taken at night with flash on :( I am really craving some sunlight now. It seems I wake up and its dark and go to bed and its dark! Bring on la summer!

Products Used:

The look I created.

  • MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
  • Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper!!! (Very excited about this, oh the simple things...)
  • Too Faced In Your Dreams Palette, Pink Peacock on the lid (the lid colour is actually pink!! stupid lighting...), Swing in the crease and Fishnet in the outer V. Girly Show on the cheeks and Pink Ice on the lips. 
  • MAC Zoomlash Mascara. 

Trying to get different angles... ending up looking totally awkward!


  1. What an awesome palette! :D


  2. pretty. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from fox house if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. I love that you're doing a look that is recommended on that palette, for some reason, I never do that! I'm always too excited to figure out what i can do with it on my own. I've had my eye on this palette and haven't yet decided if it would be worth it to get when i have so many eye shadows.

  4. wow! such a pretty look!

    just found ur blog! had to follow!

  5. Within My Eyes: Its a lovely palette, its only downfall to me is the lipglosses. They are very sheer, last about 10mins and don't really look any different from eachother haha :D

  6. Love love love this eye look, its so pretty!!


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