Disney Series - Cinderella

For this look I was inspired by Cinderella, taking most of my inspiration from the colours and settings in the film. Cinderella was an incredibly strong woman (if she was real, but no doubt there must be a real life cinderella out there somewhere). She put up with an incredible amount of bullying from her "family" and remained cheerful, polite and continued to dream.  I wanted to be a bit more creative with this one, so I've used dark blues representative of the true nature of the story and the moment when she is crying in the dark garden. That scene made me cry :'( I hate it when the step sisters ruin her dress! There are a lot of dark blues in the garden and then used a bright milky colour in the middle of the lid to represent that even in those moments of darkness, Cinderella still remained cheerful, spirited and kind. I used fake eyelashes from Ardell called Enchanted, they have little gems in them which I thought would add a nice touch! Cinderella also has huge eyelashes in the film, so I felt I should represent that. I hope you like how it turned out!

Products Used:
  • MAC SatinFinish Foundation
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette - Colours: Gunmetal, Creep and Virgin.
  • Ardell Enchanted Eyelashes
  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot
  • Loreal Face Primer
  • Urban Decay Blue Eyeliner in Flipside with Creep Eyeshadow pressed over. 
  • MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush

Step 1: I used Painterly Paint Pot all over my lid.
Step 2: I took my holy grail Naked Palette and applied a mix of Gunmental and Creep above the crease. I left the lid area completely blank, later patting Virgin all over the middle of my lid.
Step 3: I blended the dark blue and Virgin all together and applied fake eyelashes. I took an angled brush and took Creep under my lash line.
Step 4: I applied pencil eyeliner to my top and bottom waterline and then put on the fake eyelashes.
Step 5: Now onto the face, I used primer, and then a very light foundation. I used MAC Satinfinish because it is super lightweight, its hardly an foundation. I powedered over the top to create a matte finish.
Step 6: I then highlighted my cheekbones with Virgin and my brow bone and applied Warm Soul to the tops of my cheekbones.

Super Easy to do and an alternative look on Cinderella :) I just love these fake eyelashes too, so princessy!

I look super tired here, apologies


  1. WOW- I love the eyeshadow. The lashes look awesome too- very glitzy. I love this series you are doing- all the looks are super cute!

  2. Ohh i am suchhh a sucker for disney... i always thought "if i ever do a blog... i would love to do my interpretations of the disney characters". So when i eventually made a blog... guess what the first thing i did was :)

  3. such a fab series i keep looking at each one thinking this is my favourite and then see the next


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