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Disney 23 Week Countdown: 10 things I wouldn't do a Disney World again

Its my 23 week countdown, woohoo! And today I thought I would write a tongue in cheek post about what Disney World things I wouldn't do again. Obviously this is just my experience yadda, yadda, yadda. And I welcome all opinions in the comments disagreeing or agreeing with me (because I do love a good healthy Disney World debate!). But here goes, my things I would not do at Disney World. 

10) Go in June/July

I have never been more hot, squished or stressed in my whole life, than when I went in June/July. I saw from the calendars that it was going to be a busy time to go, but I thought "yeah, I can handle crowds, I can handle a few people". I was wrong. I was packed into wishes on main street like a tin of sardines and hour long waits for rides that normally are 20mins at a push really put me off going at this time of year again.
9) Get fast passes for Fantasmic

This may be a controversial one but I would never book a fast pass for Fantasmic  again. I just find it a waste, when…

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